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All the Current Olympic Weightlifting World Records (Infographic)

The 2016 Rio Olympics are fast approaching, and that means weightlifting is going to have its four-year shining moment in international broadcasting (or whichever parts the networks decide to air). And with every Olympic cycle comes the chance for record-breaking performances from the world’s top lifters.

We’ve put together an infographic with the current weightlifting world records, broken down by weight class and accurate as of April 1st. Check it out below.

Olympic Weightlifting World Records

Olympic Weightlifting World Records

A few points worth noting:

  • Aleksey Lovchev has been provisionally suspended by the IWF based on a positive sample for a banned substance following the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships in Houston. However, they still list his 264 kg clean & jerk and 275 kg total as the current world records.
  • Andrei Rybakou set the total record in the 85 kilo weight class at the 2008 Olympics, but he ended up with silver. Lu Yong tied Rybakou but won the competition on bodyweight; because Rybakou set the total record first during that competition, he maintains the record.
  • The most recent records set were Ilya Ilyin‘s 246 kilo clean & jerk and 437 kilo total at the 2015 President’s Cup in Russia.
  • Behdad Salimi will not be at the 2016 Rio Olympics to defend his 2012 gold medal; he is recovering from ACL reconstruction after a tear during a 262 kilo clean & jerk attempt.
  • Yang Lian’s snatch and total records from 2006 are the oldest women’s world records still standing. Women’s weightlifting is relatively new, having only been introduced for the 2000 Olympic cycle.
  • The oldest record dates back to 1998, when Zhang Yong clean & jerked 218 kilos in the 85 kilogram class. Video embedded below:

Which lifters are you most excited about seeing at the 2016 Rio Olympics? Let us know in the comments below; we’re guessing this infographic might need an update come August.

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