Wednesday, November 2, 2016

BarBend Will Live Stream the 2017 Arnold Weightlifting Championships

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership that will bring the Arnold Weightlifting Championships to more viewers than ever. In partnership with Columbus Weightlifting, we’re bringing you the 2017 Arnold Weightlifting Championships — all sessions — live and for free, simulcast on BarBend’s Facebook account and YouTube.

The competition is one of the crown jewels of American weightlifting, and this year, lifting takes place from March 2nd through the 5th. And we’ve got more info on what makes this year so special below.


Check out the Athlete Registration form — now live — and Columbus Rotary Scholarship Form for students.

We sat down with event organizer and head of Columbus Weightlifting Mark Cannella to learn about this year’s amazing competition.

1. What is shaping up to be different or special about this year’s Arnold Weightlifting Championships? What caliber of talent are you expecting?

Special in that we’re going to expand to four days and offer our athletes, so fans and sponsors more opportunities to showcase their talents. We’re also considering including a special weightlifting exhibition on a separate venue. We will have young and old and world class talent. Every year is different!

2. How, when, and where can lifters sign up for the competition?

Our registration opened up to a raving success. The easiest place is to do so is Columbus Weightlifting or Arnold Weightlifting Championships on Facebook and see the links above for registration.

3. What are this year’s prizes looking like?

Let’s just say we hope to surpass what we did the previous year.


4. At least one BarBend contributor has called the Arnold Weightlifting Championships the “Crown Jewel” of American weightlifting. In your opinion, what sets the competition apart from others?

First of all, thanks for the kind words! I would say that the meet is for athletes, by athletes, and it shows. The amount of exposure and awards to the athletes is like no other competition in the World and we’re proud of this distinction.

5. What excites you about partnering with BarBend to provide a free live stream of the event?

One of the major issues we’ve had is promoting this event with a free live stream so everyone can watch the event. We have fantastic interest around the world, and having this opportunity to team up with BarBend to promote in this fashion is a great way to show weightlifting to everyone.

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